We are a happy young(ish ) :)   photographer couple and we firmly believe in marriage! To capture the magic between two Lovers.. that’s our gift! We’re blessed to live our dream and travel the world together while capturing the best days of your lives and making friends all around the globe. 

We love weddings and we love to travel and most of all we love destination weddings and adventurous elopements. To meet different people from different countries and cultures and celebrate together is awesome. We love life and the moments when we get the feeling of freedom and the possibility to enjoy it

Apart from that we are a very easy going down to earth people :)

Daria likes Pizza

Wilson likes every food

Daria likes chatting for 10 hours in a row :D

Wilson likes XBOX and PC games  :)

We both loves gym , cinema and beach

Daria loves Tea

Wilson loves Coffee :)

Wilson is from Brazil

Daria is from Poland

Thanks for checking our page ,  we are very looking forward to hear from you . Lets meet up for a cappuccino or green tea and we talk about your Wedding Day . If by any chance you fancy a free photoshoot at KewGardens that will be free of charge.

Check my Blog are here on my site, some good tips there about Wedding day.

Kindest regards

WIlson & Daria