• W J Hogan

Best wedding day tips and tricks

Updated: May 2

I did some research online ladies and gents so i hope to somehow help you guys with some info i got it.


  1. Make sure to bring a water bottles + straws to make sure your lipstick doesn't get messed up. Grab enough for all the bridesmaids too.

  2. Always try to schedule some time to eat. VERY IMPORTANT really that sounds simple but many brides mess the dress a bit some times so be on safe side and Make sure your food also doesn't stain your dress! Usually a bag of some mixed nuts, gummy bears, apples. If you need to eat something that can stain, wear your jacket backwards and have someone else hold it out the corners of the jacket. This will make a catch layer to not get anything onto your dress.

  3. Keep sweat marks off your groom's dress shirt (especially when you have a summer wedding). If deodorant isn't enough, you can also get a sweat proof undershirt. Thompson Tee is the one I've suggested.

  4. Disposable toothbrush! You need to eat on your wedding day. But the thought of food getting lodged in your teeth might make you nervous. Bring along Colgate Wisps or a similar product to get a quick brush in after meals and keep your smile sparkling in your photos.

  5. Photographer will always take few photos of your dress so bring a nice hanger a nice hanger to have photos for you dress.

  6. Have your list of photos you want. the people that your wedding coordinator needs to grab. i would even suggest having 1-2 people to help your coordinator round up people.

  7. Print out your table assignment by alphabetical order. Thay way if anyone asks where they are sitting, you can look them up by name.

  8. Create a touchup makeup set. or get one from the makeup artist. You might cry, sweat or mess it up the makeup some other way. You'll need eyeliner, lipstick, blush/bronzer and some qtips!

  9. Keep all your tips in envelopes to hand out to your vendors. Then give it to someone you trust to hand them out.

i will keep this update from time to time and if i get more tips will post it here