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Average Photography Prices in UK 2020-2021 Edition.An informative guide.

Wedding Photos dont need to break your Bank but dont forget .. Wedding will be a once in a life time event on your life and at end of your wedding day Cake & flowers will be gone but your Wedding Photos will last forever.

So choose the right Wedding Photographer is a very important part of your planning.

Wedding photography can be heart-breaking expensive. You found your dream photographer, but they come with a painful price tag. You may be wondering how you can book them, but without emptying your bank account in the process.

This guide will help you to goes over everything from the average price of wedding photography in the UK for 2019/2020 and 2021 to the factors that contribute to overall cost. You will find some good information about average wedding photographer prices/packages along with answers to common questions regarding pricing. (In other words, you don’t need to worry about reading out of date articles).

Wedding Photography Prices In The UK

The average cost for a wedding photographer in the UK from all of these sources was around the between £800 and £2000 mark.

The location your wedding will be , the month of the year ,total hours you will need your photographer ,extras like a second shooter or album will be big part of the total prices.

If you loaded and money is not a problem them check the photographers on Google first 3 pages or so. These Photographer invested heavy on SEO support,Backlinks and all sort for appears on first Google pages search and they will go over £1500 minimum .

Local Wedding Photographers Prices By Region

Photographer fees will greatly within local regions for wedding photographers. Your Perfect Wedding Photographer has cited from their 2019-2020 survey some of the differences in regions throughout the uk.

The cheapest region is the North East at £1100 and the most expensive region was the South West. I took a closer look at different wedding photographers to get a regional average and found some discrepancies that produced. I looked at different wedding photographers in all of the regions of the UK and took an average of each region’s local prices of the photographers that had them listed on their site for all day wedding packages. Here is what I found.

The Cost of a Wedding Photographer in London

A wedding photographer in London will be the most expensive in the UK for sure. There are a huge amount of professional photographers in London, meaning more choice, more competition, and more variation with pricing. Considering the average wedding in London will come to around £32,000 (2019), using the 5 - 10% rule, you can expect the average wedding photographer in London to cost anywhere from £1000 - £3200 for a full day of shooting.

Now with my over 400 Weddings experience i would definitely recommend a Wedding outside London , You can get soo much more value for your money and the venues outside London in Surrey,Kent etc are stunning!!!! Even or the guests is a nice day our go for a drive on a country side for a friends or family wedding.

Have you try a Wedding on Ritz in central London? I did. Horrible drive to get there , dosent matter how much money you have , you will be stuck in traffic for a hour and extra hour for parking , your guests the same .

On the other hand go to Surrey country side is so cool , easy to get there , nice fresh air , easy to park for every one and the venue will be 30% cheaper to rent .

Wedding Photographer London Prices if we compare by Websites

I done a research and if we look by Photgraphers Websites in UK, By far, London wedding photographers had the most websites that had a price for all day wedding photography out of all of the regions ive seem

On a 10 hours Wedding you will spend average.

  • London £1400 -2000

  • As mention before extras will add on total price ( Albums,2th Photographer,Film added,Prints , Delivery time and lists goes on)

In which day of the week you getting married?

Monday to Thursday will be cheaper then Fri,Sat,Sunday.

Is your wedding coming up soon? Then you’ll likely face a last-minute charge from your wedding photographer. Weddings on the weekend will cost more than weddings during the week.

The length of your wedding will contribute to the cost of your wedding photography. If you only need a photographer for your ceremony, you will pay less than if you need a photographer for an entire day. Getting ready, ceremony, and the reception takes up more of a photographer’s time and thus will cost more.

The Bride getting ready shoots are a important part of the day on my humble opinion..

What to look out for when choosing a wedding photographer?

Look through their portfolio Not just the highlights, anyone can take a few stand-out images at a staged shoot. They should have a blog with full weddings, if not then ask to see a few client galleries.

Check if their style is reportage or more with a fine art approach, both styles are cool and all depends what you like Make sure tell the Photographer how you would like your wedding phots to be taken.

I particular enjoy a lot a reportage,natural, low profile approach . Natural photos sshows more the real vibe or the day . Give a look on their review

Its always good to check what the previous couples feedback

Which camera they use?

Do you know anyone keen to buy a 5k pounds camera to try be a professional photographer? Nope.. I dont know either . Usually students or peoples wanna be photographer will use cheap cameras. In some cases they can do good photos and if you are lucky you will save few hundred pounds but you will bet the photos of such important day of your life to save few bucks : (

A good camera dosent guarantee they will take better photos but that means they are real professionals , your odds are definitely on the pros side. Read their T&Cs Make sure they have covered all your concerns on their standard Terms & Conditions or contract document.  If not, ask. Talk to them, meet them in person if practical Give them a call, catch them off guard and get to know them as a person. Remember you will be spending your entire wedding day with this person so make sure you are happy with them personally.

Check their availability Sounds obvious but if you don’t find out if they are available on your wedding day then you are setting yourself up for a massive disappointment. As soon as you get an inkling about a photographer reach out and find out if they are available. We are only ever available for one wedding per day after all.

Why Is Wedding Photography So Expensive In The UK?

  There are many variables that affect photography pricing. High Quality equipment, insurance, employees, software, and that doesn’t even include everyday costs like travel. Photographing weddings is time-consuming and expensive.

My camera as example plus the few lens i have in my bag cost 10k pounds, that in just one bag. If im doing Film as well im bringing 5 bags and 5 cameras so we talking about over 30k.

Advertising will be around 1k a month on a very minimum side . Google ads, Gumtree ads, Bidvine ads etc are very expensive unfortunately

Hidden business costs, post-wedding editing, emailing back and forth, all of this is on top of the time you spend photographing the wedding day.

A full wedding can be anywhere from 20-40 hours of work in total. This includes editing images, planning timelines and scouting locations.

A good Photographer will go to Wedding location some time before the big day to have a look and get some ideas.

Direct Costs That Affect Wedding Photography Pricing

SECOND PHOTOGRAPHER This will be an added cost for each wedding. Depending on the length of the size of the wedding (and the experience of the second photographer) these costs can be in the range of £150-£400 per wedding.

The benefits of a second shooter is you will have a huge amount of extra photos, loads of photos from guests and more chances to capture some important moments of the big day .

TRAVEL & PARKING The photographer will have to plan to spend some money for travel and parking. This can vary due to distance and location. Some larger venues make the photographer pay for parking for the length they are in attendance at the wedding. Parking can be around £30-£50.

Many Photographer will charge you these , not myself , on any of my packages , travel costs ,parking etc are all included.

PRODUCTS: ALBUMS AND CLIENT GIFTS Products such as albums and prints differ in price ranges. This would depend on the quality, size and amount of the product that needs to be ordered. As a rule, I emphasize the client experience and tend to spend about 3-5% of the client's budget on gifts and products to any products I offer in the packages.

UK Wedding Photographer Price Range

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER’S PRICE £2500+: If your price point is £2500+ then you are in a very safe and good place to guarantee that you have the best of the best with top-quality work. You will notice a few things about wedding photographers in this group:

  • Your photographer should include a very high-quality album custom designed with your wedding images .Hard cover , Eco leather and thick pages are recommended for this price point,

  • You can expect full day wedding photography coverage from early to late, with multiple team members including photographers and lighting assistants.

  • These photographers should have the very best of the best camera, lenses, and lighting equipment. These include primes lens and multiple camera bodies such as Canon or Nikon) and equipment should well be worth £20,000+.

  • Post-processing or editing will be top-notch with an in house retoucher or editor.

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER’S PRICE IS BETWEEN £1500-£2500: 60% of wedding photographers will be into this area. Make sure you do your research, Apart from nice photos is important you click with your Wedding Photgrapher , you will spend loads of hours next to them , try to find someone easy going ,friendly and with a good vibe. Most photographers in this range will have shot many weddings before and have amazing experience and technical skills.

  • most photographers in this range will be quite experienced and offer good packages and products. Most packages will include full-day coverage, with some form of an album, USB and prints.

  • photographers in this range will also have knowledge in timeline planning and how the day should flow and won’t get tripped up if anything extraordinary occurs.

  • most photographers in this prices range will be booking months if not years in advance.

  • they will have good equipment, including professional cameras, flashes, and other lighting equipment.

  • most photographers in this range will work solo, or with a single second shooter.

  • They will have professional business and liability insurance as required by some venues.


  • most photographers in this range will have experience and offer good packages and products.

  • these wedding day photography prices can be a bit lower, as some photographers offer smaller, more niche type packages (elopement, half-day).

  • most of the time there will only be 1 photographer, but sometimes will have two for their larger packages.

  • if you are looking at a wedding photographer in this range, make sure you do your research. You want to check that they have insurance, professional equipment and look over their portfolio in depth.

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER’S PRICE IS UNDER £500 Watch out and do your research when going for a photographer who’s pricing is under £500. Normally these photos are taken on a cheaper single camera, that was not made for some of the lower lighting conditions we see on wedding days. They dont have backup cameras and if they break you will have to some one from your party take some photos with their Iphone.

Cheap equipment are slow, can miss important moments and if low light can result in blurry or grainy (or both) wedding photos. Normally the cost of doing business (the cost for insurance, professional gear, training, and marketing) is much greater than the price points under £500. In this case, photographers in this price category will have to cut corners and buy cheaper equipment and most likely they are hobbyist photographers

Should I Hire A Professional Photographer Or Use My Family Member who Owns The Nice Camera do the Wedding Photos , Uncle BOB said he can take some cracking photos?

Wedding Photography its not about take photos, is about to know where and when important moments will happen and have a good eye to capture emotions . We are not going there to do a Photo shoot , we going there to tell a history with our photos.

Letting a no-professional do this job is extremely risky , i definitely do not recommend this

Your wedding day only happens once and your wedding photographer will capture the day as it unfolds for you to keep for years to come. It’s important to find a wedding photographer that clicks with both of you, no matter what your budget.