Capturing the Whole Story of the Day

While the normal standard photography package in the UK is 8 hours coverage, I prefer to cover longer period of time.  While this does mean I work longer days,

I find this works best for my style.


  I know I have plenty of time to get everything I need, and the day feels more relaxed and better paced.

 I’m not looking at my watch counting down until I can leave, I’m there to tell the story of your wedding as it happens.

Finding the right amount of  “Hand’s On”

I’ll move a piece of rubbish if it shouldn’t be in the frame. If there’s a lamp that’s really not working in the background when you’re getting ready, I’ll move it.   I smile and talk to guests.  The best photos are when I’m in the “thick” of the wedding, not just observing it from the corner.

I want to take an active approach to make the image better, but I don’t want to force any actions.  I still want the moment to be very real.

 Our photography is bold and creative, aiming to tell stories and document the real moments. We are more about capturing the vibe of the party rather than lots of posed photographs
The Moments In-between are Beautiful

I adore documentary shots, and they make up the backbone of my wedding coverage.  From the chill moments to the extreme moments, I like paying attention and seeing what’s going to happen next.   I love that being the official wedding photographer allows me an “in” to capture a day in the lives of people that I may have never have met otherwise.

Family Photos are Important (and Quick!)

Your family pictures are a such an important part of the photography of your wedding day and can be an incredibly sentimental image for you and your family members.  I know some clients worry that these images might take a large chunk of their wedding day and they’ll miss the party.

Over the many wedding’s I’ve photographed, I’ve developed a system for getting through the family pictures quickly.  These are incredibly important photos for you and your family, but shouldn’t take all day.  During our client meeting, we’ll talk through how to make family pictures go lighting fast.  Ideally, I aim to have these photos taken care of in less than 10-15 minutes.

I want to capture the “real you”

The best compliment a photographer could ever receive is “That photo just captured the real us” .  Being able to capture a persons personality in an image is something I constantly strive for.

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Your Ceremony is Sacred

My goal is to provide as discrete coverage of your ceremony as I can without distracting you or your guests from the importance of the moment and the vows that are being said.  I do my best to keep a minimal photographer presence, If I need to change position, I’ll do so during the hymns.  I try to keep my movement to a minimum during your vows and ceremony, just waiting for the right looks and the right emotion so I’m not too distracting.